About us

​Typically, 85-90% of an owner’s net worth is locked in the value of their business.

Strategic Value Advisors exists for one reason.

We partner with our clients to create the most valuable privately-held businesses in the world. Value is our obsession. We pursue it relentlessly.

Why, because the stakes are incredibly high.

According to Pepperdine University’s Private Capital Markets project, 88 of every 100 private-held businesses will fail to transition to the next generation of ownership, or to raise capital when needed. Meaning the owner(s) will fail to harvest the value they’ve worked so hard to build over the years.

  • 80% of businesses are immediately rejected by the marketplace
  • Of the remaining 20 businesses, eight will not survive Level 1 due diligence

Only 12 out of 100 succeed!

When owners fail to harvest at an attractive value, financial security is dramatically reduced.

88 of every 100 privately-held businesses will fail to transition to the next generation of ownership

Why do only 12 succeed?

We believe it’s because the focus wasn’t on managing value as an investment asset. Many owners see their business as a source of income, not an investment - a fatal mistake when developing a value acceleration strategy.

SVA’s Exponential Value Creation™ (XVC™) shifts that perspective. The first program of its kind is designed to rapidly increase your company’s economic value within 24 months. “Exponential” is an important distinction. We are not seeking incremental returns on investment.

XVC™ is built to “5X” the value of your business - at minimum. Simply put, the XVC™ program is designed to put our clients “in the 12” that succeed.

Build Value Today.  Achieve Wealth Beyond Income.